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Read the latest insight & news from the sharpest thought leaders in the world of Champagne

the champagne club stories

Read the latest long read articles from the sharpest thought leaders in the world of Champagne

the champagne interviews

Interviews with some of the Champagne Legends in the world of Champagne. Now & then we will interview some of the true people of Champagne. We will ask a questions about their company, their profession current trends, their iconic bottles, etc.

5 bottles - 5 questions

Every bottle tells a story. What's Yours? Every week we interview people in the world of Champagne on their iconic bottles.
This section is inspired by our friends at Dos Gardenias.

the champagne films

What will RJ be drinking this Friday? Here we samples film clips from trips, tastings, dinners etc. Watch the latest clips

the annual Richard Juhlin tasting

In May every year RJ & his tasting panel set up a great tasting with different themes. Or as we like to refer to it - The Real Stockholm Marathon.

the chronicles

Sometimes on the road, in a restaurant, at home, in the summer house or after a great dinner with friends - we reflect on our champagne experiences & life. This will be in the format of a chronicle.

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Here we will display new releases & vintages from the world of champagne.

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Read inside topics to learn more about Champagne, the region, the production, the champagne dictionary, etc.

the champagne & food

Each month Björnstierne Antonson, Champagne Club's head sommelier, will share recipes & menus for those of you who do not think it is enough to drink champagne as aperitif. The recipes comes from travel in Champagne, memorable restaurants in Sweden and internationally, unforgettable meetings between champagne, food and people.