Première – 2015 Bollinger ‘La Grande Année’

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Champagne Bollinger

La Grande Année from an exceptional year, showcased through Bollinger savoir-faire. Connoisseurs will recognise the texture of this wine, yet they might be surprised to discover what makes 2015 so special. [read the full champagne story] 

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Both La Grande Année and La Grande Année Rosé exhibit sensory and emotional qualities that echo the theme of the forest and the woodland realm, a realm which imparted structure and precision to both cuvées during the time they spent maturing in oak casks. Our savoir-faire fosters flavor development and provides ideal conditions for maturation.

2015 – Experience a champagne inspired by the forest

La Grande Année 2015
Concentration and Generosity – The excellence of a great vintage

The 2015 has captured the Bollinger style more than any vintage. More opulent, more powerful, with Pinot Noir at centre stage. Vinified in barrel, it showcases the characteristics of an exceptional year.”

Denis Bunner – Cellar Master


The delicate texture of the 2015 cuvées produces exquisitely harmonious wines.

La Grande Année 2015 is a blend of 11 crus, predominantly 60% of Pinot Noir from Verzenay, Aÿ and Mareuil-sur-Aÿ and 40% of Chardonnay from Chouilly and Avize.

Fermentation takes place entirely in oak barrels and the wine is aged, sealed with a natural cork, for more than twice the time required by the appellation. Dosage is moderate, 8 grams per litre.

Tasting note – Denis Bunner

Well-rooted, earthy, powerful, and concentrated taste

One sign that 2015 would be an excellent year was the remarkable weather. Blasing hot sunshine was moderated by rain showers and Bollinger’s expertise. Harvest began on September 4th and was of a very high quality. Compact bunches of small berries and quite high levels of acidity.

To the eye Yellow gold reflections, evidence of the wine’s maturity, but also of Bollinger’s vinification methods.

To the nose Initial scents are full of small stone fruits, with notes of Pomme Gris, plum and Mirabelle plum, layered with a touch of honey. Aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, cherry, and raspberry follow; a medley of red fruits dances with notes of almond. Exotic touches of mango follow, dissolving into tertiary scents of vanilla and a delicate woody aroma.

On the palate On the palate the wine is plump, generous and enticing, reminiscent of Mirabelle plum jam. Texture and richness define the tasting experience. The finish blends notes of chocolate and citrus fruits, bringing a touch of acidity, lengthened further by hints of schist. A hugely generous wine!

Tasting note – Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin

Oops, is it already time for another vintage of this gem? Amazing how fast time goes.


‘2015 is generally a problematic vintage with heat stress and a period of drought. It is no art to get richness and power in the wines, but elegance and freshness are rare. Because Bollinger’s house style is inherently so masculinely powerful, Bollinger’s eminent team focused on preserving freshness first and foremost. According to Denis Bunner, Bollinger felt that the grapes they had access to gave more typicity and greater elegance to the Chardonnay this time. Hence a slightly higher content of the green grape than in the original recipe. Perhaps even more important was the choice of Avize and Verzenay as engines. Verzenay behaves in many ways like Chardonnay with its chalky elegance and great purity.

This time the shares of Aÿ and Verzenay were equal for the unusual skull. Fat Cramant and Oger were now downplayed and Avize was primarily supported by tight Chouilly. An interesting detail that reduces tannin, clumsiness and contributes to an increased sense of freshness is, oddly enough, oak barrels. This is due to its great age and the company’s strict selection of the best casks that only provide microoxidation. The color is already deep golden with a fine stream of tiny bubbles fighting their way up through the glycerol-rich concentrated wine. Intense and rich and at the same time nuanced and complex.

The small concentrated grapes ultimately produced an ultimate gastronomic masterpiece. The scent cannonade is classic Bollinger, but fresh and more nuanced than I expected from the vintage. Stone fruits, honeysuckle, honey, plum marmalade, Cox Orange, raspberry, almond, hazelnut, leather, tanned skin, cigar, and duck liver are all clear instruments in the orchestra playing their richly generous vintage anthem. The freshness does not come from acid this time, but from lack of water and concentrated extracts in a similar way as the even more extreme 2003. I the finish I find tobacco, forest and chocolate with sea salt, a delicious combination. Precisely the saltiness and the slightly higher tannin content contribute to making this a perfect partner for poultry in all its forms.’

93(95) points

Tasting recommandations

La Grande Année 2015 is the definition of a gastronomic champagne. To highlight its unique style and aromas, we recommend you serve this wine between 8 and 10°C. You can enjoy La Grande Année 2015 right away or choose to age it further in a cellar.

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