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Champagne has 16,200 growers, of which 1,981 growers produce their own champagne. There are a total of 5,119 registered producers with houses and cooperatives included, but only 1,981 make their own unique champagne. Despite the fact that the champagne houses only own 12 percent of the vineyards, they together account for 66 percent of the district's total sales. Today there are 360 houses of varying sizes and 132 cooperatives where the village growers have come together to get help with the vinification of their grapes

In the database we have rated;
1,340+ producers
287 villages
10,600+ brands
14,000+ vintages

The focus in my judgement is primarily on the producer's current portfolio. The first exposed stars thus judge only the wines in question, while the stars in parentheses are an assessment by the producer with the historical backpack baked in. I use a scale from 1 to 5 stars for the very main producers in the area. RJs subjective assessment of the individual wines is based on serious tastings of more than 14,000+ different champagnes and is thus by far the most comprehensive evaluation ever made of champagne