The Sthlm Champagne Magnum Opus Dinner [collaboration with Mondial]

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

1 champagne dinner – 12 champagne lovers – 10 magnums of unique selected champagnes

Champagne is the language of luxury. This is your dictionary.

[collaboration with Mondial]

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Two professionals, one dinner. Tio champagnes by the magnum from Richards personal cellar. Chef Mattias Larsson interprets the champagne king’s favorites in a five-course symphony – only twelve seats, first come, first served – talk about limited edition! The demand for this type of arrangement would undoubtedly be huge. Two stars in a gastronomic bang. Or? Can one plus one really be three? One December evening at RuinRetreat we get the answer.

To celebrate the launch of Richard Juhlin’s long-awaited epic work ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’, we invited 12 friends to a hedonistic evening with world-class champagnes & gastronomy.

  • DATE 10decembre’21 – 6pm
  • VENUE Ruin Retreat – Kummelnäs – Saltsjö-Boo – http://ruinretreat.se
  • SEATS 12 covers.
  • SET-UP CHAMPAGNES 10 unique magnum-champagnes from Richards private cellar.
  • SET-UP GASTRONOMY 5 coarse champagne dinner by chef Mattias Larsson.

Boken Champagne Magnum Opus 

  • Samlarutgåva: Champagne Magnum Opus – SIGNERAD AV RICHARD JUHLIN
  • Limited Edition – enbart 500 ex!
  • Pris i handeln: 20,000 sek.

ABOUT THE BOOKThis Richard Juhlin masterpiece is designed by Frankenstein Studio, with unique photos taken by Pål Allan and Fredrik Skogkvist, as well as newly created illustrations by Jayde Cardinalli. It also contains ten exclusive recipes by Tommy Myllymäki.

ABOUT THE PRODUCTION The book is printed in Italy and is almost four decimetres high, three decimetres wide. This bibliophile edition of only 500 copies is built into a handmade cork cover and comes with a personal letter from Richard, membership in the Champagne Club and a unique notepad for your own tastings.


Mattias Larsson

Mattias Larsson, kock i världsklass som älskar att kombinera champagne & nyklassisk svensk matlagning.


5 course champagne dinner by chef Mathias Larsson

Champagne 1 by the magnum apéro with snacks

mv Veuve Clicquot ‘Extra Old Extra Dry Vinothèque’

[no1 version ’10-’88]


Profitorole with duck liver and apple
Sturgeon caviar with cauliflower cream, cucumber and crispy breadcrumbs
Kohlrabi ravioli with browned hazelnut butter
Fried artichoke with artichoke mayonnaise, pickled artichoke and Italian winter truffle
Wagyu Gunma

Champagne 2 & 3 by the magnum

2002 Mumm ’Mumm de Cramant Vinothèque’ dégorgement’08 – 94[95]p

1996 Mumm ’Mumm de Cramant Vinothèque’ dégorgement’08 – 94[95]p

Course no 1 – serving 1.0

Kalix roe with potato plates, boiled onions, sour cream, and spirit peas

Champagne 4 & 5 by the magnum

2012 Deutz ‘Hommage à William Deutz Meurtet Vinothèque’ – 92[95]p

2010 Deutz ‘Hommage à William Deutz Parcelles d’Aÿ Vinothèque’ – 92[95]p

Course no 2 – serving 2.0

Fennel-sooted salmon with cream, pickled and fried Jerusalem artichoke and creamy egg, browned butter foam, lightly pickled Brussels sprouts and finger lime

Champagne 6 & 7 by the magnum

2002 Jacquesson ‘MIllésime Vinothèque’ dégorgement’11 – never tasted in magnum

2000 Jacquesson ‘Lés Corne-Bautray Vinothèque’ dégorgement mar’06 – never tasted in magnum

Course no 3 – serving 3.0

Veal tartare with fried onion, artichoke cream, pickled fennel and parmesan cheese

Champagne 8 & 9 by the magnum

1996 Henriot ’MIllésime’ Vinothèque – 96[96]p

1995 Henriot ’MIllésime’ Vinothèque – 96[96]p

Course no 4 – serving 4.0

Fried turbot with spaghetti, evergreen and caviar butter sauce

Champagne 10 by the magnum

1981 Leclerc-Briant ’Cuvée de Millenaire de la France‘ Vinothèque – 94[94]p

Course no 5 – serving 5.0

Veal ‘Black & White’
browned hazelnut butter vinaigrette, Black winter truffle, mushrooms, onion and gruyere cheese, White truffle and potato cream

Brie de Meaux on levain with fig jam

Golden praline with browned butter caramel and cardamom ganache

After Dinner Champagnes by the magnums

Transport back to the city

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