Champagne & food by Mattias Larsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

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Champagne is one of the world’s most mythical drinks. Most people today drink Champagne to toast with or as an introduction to the meal. Champagne is for me the perfect wine for food. With high acidity and often great complexity and power, it is so useful for food. Champagne goes so perfectly with so much. Have you ever tried Matjessill and Champagne? Or cheese and Champagne? Or duck liver and champagne? Or kohlrabi and Champagne?

I have guest starred with many Champagne menus and this is what one of them looked like:

Champagne menu

Minute marinated raw shrimp and scallop with lemon, mint and avocado

Cauliflower puree with roe, citronette and fried onion

Sandwich of champagne-marinated duck liver, salted pork belly and salad by Ingrid Marieäpple and fennel

Herb-fried monkfish with confit country egg yolk with warm vegetable and lobster vinaigrette and almond mashed potatoes flavored with browned butter

Veal roast and bräs with artichoke puree, browned funnel chanterelles, pickled onions and champagne vinegar cloud

White Caprin, Swedish goats cheese, with oven-baked beets and beetroot reduction and crostini

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