The most expensive pizza in the world?

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Björnstierne Antonsson

Topped with truffles, caviar – and of course edible gold. What is probably Africa’s most expensive pizza can be found at the Italian restaurant Da Pietro in Tunis, Tunisia. Here, they have opted out of the otherwise usual luxury track with shellfish and the delicacies of the sea, and instead focus on smoked duck breast, truffles, buffalo mozzarella and – gold flakes. Here are the world’s currently most expensive pizzas.

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GoGo The Gold – about €650

Pizza GoGo is one of England’s larger home delivery operators, with mostly completely ordinary pizzas for a few hundred bucks on the menu. But the pizza that stands out is called The Gold, and includes, among other things, 23 carat gold, white truffle oil, caviar and lobster. On the drive home, the delivery guy rolls out a red carpet to walk on up to the door. Pizza GoGo’s website states at the time of writing that whoever orders a The Gold gets free chicken wings with the purchase.


C6 – approximately €950

Richmond in Canadian British Columbia is perhaps best known for being one of several competition locations during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. And for its expensive pizza, of course. Steveston Pizza serves a creation with lobster, tiger prawns, Russian caviar, white truffle and smoked rainbow salmon for a whopping €950. The menu also includes a range of other pizzas with price tags of over €100.


Louis XIII – approximately €13,000

Renato Viola is a highly regarded name in the pizza world. This precious object is therefore not just a gimmick and we thankfully avoid gold leaf and diamonds.

The dough is prepared 72 hours before baking and contains both special flour and pink Australian salt. The small, only 20 centimeters in diameter, pizza is then topped with three types of caviar, Norwegian lobster and no less than seven types of cheese.

Drink is included, but here it’s not Coke or Fanta, but cognac in the form of Remy Martin’s Louis XIII and champagne, in this case Krug Clos de Mesnil 1995.

The pizza is not served in a pizzeria, but Renato Viola comes to your home and cooks it, accompanied by another chef and a sommelier. So it’s high time to start the oven on pizza mode.


Pierchic pizza – approximately €190,000

An Italian tavern in an Arab palace, why not? The luxury resort Jumeirah Al Qasr in Dubai is like a small city, and of course houses a number of different restaurants. Like the Italian restaurant Pierchic. Here’s a pizza with Alba truffles, Kashmir saffron, beluga caviar, French foie gras, goliath musserone, edible gold and other ingredients that don’t necessarily marry with each other. But if you want to be able to brag about having eaten the world’s most expensive pizza, this is where you should go. However, the dish is not on the regular menu, but must be pre-ordered.

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