Recipe; dill croustade, roe, browned butter by Tommy Myllymäki

Picture of Tommy Myllymäki

Tommy Myllymäki

Recipe by Tommy Myllymäki from the gastronomical chapter from the new book ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’. International release is planned to Christmas’22.

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

FROM THE BOOK The beautiful porcelain disappears at the same time as new glasses are set. Richard talks about the importance of the right glass, that the shape of the cup itself is crucial for both the mousse, the aroma and the taste experience. There are trends in different types of glass for different types of champagne, but a combination of a white wine glass and a classic champagne glass is most all-round. To make it easier to compare the evening’s drinks, the glasses are of the same style. But the content will differ greatly.

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