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Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Johan Jureskog, who is the genius behind the restaurant, is for most people best known as a great entrepreneur with his strong personality and never-ending energy. In a short time, he has managed to establish himself as Sweden’s leading hamburger expert, meat profile and his arsenal of sauces are the ones I choose in the grocery store when I do not have the strength to make my own béarnaise sauce. All of this may seem a bit commercial as a kind of Swedish Gordon Ramsey, but like Gordon, his flagship restaurant is world-class in its category. I will return here as often as I can.


Describe your place in a few sentences!

Erik Forssell – head sommelier ‘Big steak house restaurant with large format wine list. We focus on beef with a daily meat list inspired by wine lists.

What’s the philosophy behind the champagne assortment ?

Erik Forssell – head sommelier ‘A balance of big house prestige bottles and interesting small growers and “hard-to-get” bottles at a reasonable price.


Head sommelier or Wine Director ? Erik Forssell – head sommelier

Total no of wines on the wine list ? 1,200 references.

No of champagnes on the wine list ? 100 Champagnes.

No of champagnes by the glass ? 1-2 champagnes by the glass.

Which house champagne du You use at the moment ? Bollinger ‘Grand Cuvée’. The bigger and bolder style of Bollinger feels right at a steak house.

How often do You change the house champagne ? We have been using Bollinger as the house champagne for the last 6 years and are very happy with it. But we might change it in the coming years, who knows…

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