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Richard Juhlin

Hi I am Richard Juhlin,

I used to be a football player and sports teacher but I changed tracks and became the number one Champagne expert in the world. It’s a huge step and a fantastic journey.

Today I am world famous for my skills in blind tastings. Where the peak was at the annual Spectacle du Monde tasting in Paris 2003 when I correctly identified 43 out of 50 champagnes when the runner-up, The worlds sommelier champion only identified 4.

I have been in the game for 35 years now and still got a tremendous passion for champagne. The landscape, the people and above all the most beautiful and fascinating wines in the world.

Over the years I have created my own Champagne Club, My own non-alcoholic sparkling wine, my own glasses, my own Champagne Hiking concept and arranged hundreds of champagne events all over the globe. I have made television in several Countries including China and I have written eight books about Champagne and I hold the world record in tasted champagnes since 1998. Currently a bit more than 12 000 champagnes tasted.

Over the years I have received many medals for my work and I am extremely proud to have received the highest rank in France when I was given the medal Legion d´Honneur by the French president Mr Hollande.

I am also the only wine writer in the world who has received 6 gold medals at the unofficial world championship of Gourmet books, The Gourmands Awards created by Monsieur Edouard Cointreau. 5 gold medals for my books and one as the best television host in the gourmet world.

The eight books I have written are:

                      Champagneboken 1995

                      2000 Champagnes 1999

                      The Great Tasting 2000

                      3000 Champagner 2002

                      4000 Champagnes 2004

                      Richard Juhlin Champagne Guide 2008

                      A Scent of Champagne 2013

                      Champagne Hiking 2017

Since the champagne world is changing faster than ever before with more and more ecological and new single vineyard-wines, I felt that there was a need to catch up. That’s the reason why I just have finished my ultimate book.  The Champagne Magnum Opus, Where I sum up everything that is worth knowing about a fast changing champagne world including ratings of all my 12 000 champagnes tasted.

Since I am a perfectionist, the goal is to make it the best wine book in world. A masterpiece that will live forever. 

I hope you like to join me in my glittering world and help me spread the message about the most fascinating beverage on the planet.

A votre Santé !


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