Moët & Chandon celebrates the festive season with a new limited edition bottle

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The House’s holiday season bottle radiates with a mesmerizing new design  that captures the magic of nature’s renewal  and the transformational power of joyful celebrations. [read the full champagne story] 

This year, as the tribute to the Maison’s 280th anniversary draws to a close, the House is thrilled to present a new limited-edition bottle designed to brighten the season and to celebrate the region’s unique terroir.  In each precious drop of this year’s special festive offering resides the essence of a wondrous transformation that starts serenely each winter. 

2023 Limited Edition End of Year Bottle

The new special edition bottle, adorned in white and gold, depicts gilded grains ascending towards the heavens, as if drawn by enchantment to the clouds. This ethereal dance mirrors the effervescent bubbles that gracefully rise inside a champagne glass. The grains meticulously trace the linear contours of the undulating landscapes of Epernay, a village known for its magical terroir, home to Moët & Chandon for 280 years. The same artistry graces the packaging of this exclusive release, as a perfect holiday gift decorated with golden sinuous lines on a textured white background to evoke the chalky cellars of the House. 

The new limited edition design adorns three collections in Moët & Chandon’s champagne portfolio: the signature Moët Impérial, the gentle Nectar Impérial, and the delicate Moët Impérial Rosé.

Moët Impérial, the signature champagne of the House, offers a well-balanced bouquet made from equal parts same-year and reserve wines from the two preceding years, translating into a blend of about 100 to 150 different wines in a champagne that truly bears the imprint of the Champagne region. Its dosage is limited to 7 grams per liter, for a light freshness in a measured balance between acidity and fruitiness that pairs harmoniously during the holidays with dishes like a roasted meat with fine herbs in an olive oil-based jus, roasted sea bass in a gingered cucumber broth, or a crunchy shrimp tempura with a caviar cream sauce served with garden vegetables.

The bright and fruity Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial combines about 45 percent Pinot Noir (of which 10 percent still red wine), 40 percent Meunier (of which 10 percent still red wine) and 15 percent Chardonnay, with a dosage limited to 9 grams per liter. Its delicate balance is achieved with a lesser share of Pinot Noir in favor of more Meunier, for more supple and rounded red wines. This Rosé makes an ideal pairing this festive season with simple, colorful yet intensely flavored dishes, like red meats served raw or grilled, red tuna and crustaceans, legumes and black olives.

The Nectar Impérial marries the intensity of Pinot Noir (45 to 55 percent), to the roundness of Meunier (35 to 45 percent) and the freshness of Chardonnay (5 à 10 percent). Its dosage, attaining 45 grams per liter, makes this champagne best suited for pairing with sweet, exotic, sometimes “extreme” flavors or sweet and savory matches, as pan-fried fresh fois gras served with a mango coulis and sautées apricots, or sweet and sour marinades, dishes found in Cajun, Mexican or Caribbean cuisine, or sweet fruity desserts with a contrasting element like white chocolate served with lime and coconut. With Nectar Imperial, it is all about sharp contrasts. 

“Every season holds a unique allure for the dedicated winemakers of Moët & Chandon, and the year’s end resonates most profoundly with us artisans of wine. It marks the finale of our year-long collaboration with nature itself, to bring the joy of a golden champagne to the world,” says Benoît Gouez, Cellar Master at Moët & Chandon.

End of Year Events Around The World: Celebrating Life Since 1743

With an unwavering joie de vivre and a belief that every facet of life is to be celebrated, Moët & Chandon will unleash the transcendental power of genuinely joyful celebrations in a series of events that toast life itself around the world.

A beacon of joy, the House has applied its vision of an enchanting landscape from which magic arises to inform the scenography of the special events it has planned to make for an unforgettable holiday season. Rooted in the spirit of celebration, this end-of-year offering will bear the imprint of the bountiful nature that has been the very source of the splendid legacy of the House for 280 years: Celebrating Life Since 1743.

In select locations, the Maison’s pop-up stores embellish their ambiance with a gold details, exquisitely designed to simulate a cascade of radiant rays. This resplendent fixtures hovers above a bar that mirrors the distinctive contours of Epernay’s landscape.

Guests are invited to embark on a journey for the senses to Celebrate Life since 1743 and experience Moët & Chandon’s unique art de vivre and art of celebration rooted in the DNA of the House.   The theme of the” journey” is captured in an immersive room designed with a mesmerizing play of lights and mirrors, and in the symbolic use of “transportation crates” to create decorative spaces and display heritage posters.  Finally, an exhibition of heritage posters will showcase the legacy of “Celebrations” of the Maison in “Chapters” that highlight its documented history in honoring Women, Life, Sports, Art de Vivre, Royalty and the World.


Moët & Chandon was founded in 1743 by Claude Moët and elevated to international renown by his descendant, Jean-Rémy Moët, who dreamt of “sharing the effervescence of Champagne with the world.” From royal court to red carpet, Studio 54 to Grand Slams, Moët & Chandon has been bringing people together around thrilling, extraordinary moments. With the largest, most diverse vineyards in the region, the House offers a universal & versatile portfolio of champagnes for every occasion and palate. Easy to love, each creation in white and rosé – from the iconic Moët Impérial to the refined Grand Vintage Collection, from the refreshing Moët Ice Impérial to the gentle Nectar Impérial – dazzles and delights with a broad spectrum of flavors and aromas to capture the astonishing breadth of its terroir. Through Natura Nostra, Moët & Chandon’s long-term sustainability program, the House works to protect biodiversity in the region and, since 2009, Moët & Chandon also supports philanthropic initiatives through Toast for a Cause. For nearly three centuries, Moët & Chandon has been the champagne of choice to mark both significant events in history and personal celebrations, enhancing each toast with the spark of effervescence. 

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