Lily Bollinger Awards 2021 – the semifinals

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Now the semifinals of this year’s Lily Bollinger Award have been decided. Those who advance to the final on September 20 and have the chance to win the prestigious title ‘Lily Bollinger of the Year’ are Anette Andersson from Harlequin by Hunger and Thirst, Frida Winters from Skänken Vinbar / Kullabergs Vingård and Cathrine Almqvist from the wine bar Tocayo.

Nine female sommelier competed against each other in the semifinals of this year’s Lily Bollinger Award, where three different parts were performed. The competition elements consisted of a blind test, a theory section and a practical element. After an even and exciting semifinal, at At Six in Stockholm, it was clear that Anette Andersson from Umeå, Frida Winters from Uppsala and Cathrine Almqvist from Stockholm advanced to the final.

‘We are very impressed by this year’s talented competition participants who got to show off their knowledge both theoretically and practically. It was an even and exciting semifinal with a lot of nerves involved with these knowledgeable participants. Our three finalists excelled, not least in the practical part where they took care of the guests in a very professional and personal way.’

says Emma Ziemann, competition leader for the Lily Bollinger Award.

The competition elements

The participants kicked off the day with an extensive written blind tasting of three different rosé wines. They would describe in as much detail as possible the appearance, aroma and taste of the wines, after which they would draw conclusions about what was served in the glasses. In addition, they would provide suggestions for serving and food recommendations. In the theoretical part, the competition participants received a written test that included everything from wine districts to production processes and to correct an extensive wine list full of errors. In the final part of the competition, the participants had to perform a classic dining element in the form of a decantation of a red wine with precipitation and serve this to the jury.

‘Lily Bollinger Award is a professional competition where skilled, female sommelier can really show off their sommelier craftsmanship. Competing builds knowledge, experience and self-confidence in the participants and provides a springboard to compete in other contexts, but also provides great opportunities in terms of career and a large network of colleagues in between.’

says Emma Ziemann.

The final will be decided this autumn

On September 20, the Lily Bollinger final will take place in Stockholm. In addition to the glorious title ‘Lily Bollinger of the Year’ the winner will receive an educational trip to the historic champagne house Bollinger and a Stålhästen-bike that symbolizes how Lily Bollinger constantly guarded the vineyard on two wheels.

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