Investment tip 2014 Bollinger ‘La Grande Année’ [collaboration by RareWineInvest]

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Investment tip from our premium partner RareWineInvest – Investment tip 2014 Bollinger ‘La Grande Année’ [Read the full story by RareWineInvest]

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2014 Bollinger La Grande Année | Champagne Darling With Attractive Pricing

Bollinger is among the 50 most coveted wine brands in the world… La Grande Année has delivered great returns and the 2014 vintage is among the best releases – ever.

[Read the full story by RareWineInvest]

The Champagne House Of Bollinger

Bollinger Champagne traces its origins back to 1585, when it emerged in the heart of France’s Champagne region. Since then, it has woven a narrative of timeless elegance and enduring distinction. From its inception, this esteemed Champagne house has upheld tradition and set a benchmark for unwavering quality.

The true essence of Bollinger’s narrative unfolds amidst the meticulously tended vineyards of Aÿ in 1829. Here, Hennequin de Villermont, alongside Joseph Bollinger and Paul Renaudin, laid the groundwork for a legacy that would echo through the ages. Their steadfast dedication to crafting exceptional sparkling wines laid the foundation for future acclaim.

However, it wasn’t until a century later that Bollinger captured the world’s attention, largely propelled by the indomitable spirit of Emily Law de Lauritston Boubers, affectionately known as Lily Bollinger. Following her husband’s passing in 1942, Lily became singularly focused on promoting Bollinger Champagne, traversing the globe to elevate its renown.

Bollinger’s ascent to international prominence took an iconic turn when it became the preferred Champagne of the fictional British secret agent, James Bond. This cinematic partnership further solidified Bollinger’s reputation as the epitome of sophistication and refinement. The association with Bond added an aura of luxury to the brand, forging a compelling link between the world of espionage and the effervescent allure of Bollinger Champagne.

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