Tasting note: 2013 Bollinger ‘La Côte aux Enfants’

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

A new vintage of the legend-in-the-making 2013 ‘La Côte aux Enfants’ from Bollinger. Read Richard Juhlins review & tasting note. [read the full champagne story] 

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Tasting note by Richard Juhlin; 

‘So then it was time for the second edition of the already cult-declared monopoly wine from the purest chalk in Aÿ covered only by a decimetre-thick layer of soil. The grapes for the champagne come exclusively from the cooler north-west side planted with vines from Burgundy as the other part is weighted for the red wine under the same name.

Selection Massale, of course, and with an extremely low yield that only created just over 1,000 bottles for all the world’s champagne collectors. After the harvest, the wine is stored for 7 months in the house’s well-aged oak barrels and then rests for 10 years in the cellar with natural cork for maximum autolytic body building in the same spirit as the vintage wine and VVF.

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