Bollinger Breaks All Previous Records With Brand New – 2008 Bollinger R.D.



The 2008 Bollinger R.D. belongs to a coveted benchmark category. Its quality is sublime, the production is limited, and the release is brand new. Be in from the start. Finally Available For Investment @ RareWineInvest [read the full champagne story] 

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‘It is extremely fascinating how strong the scent memory can be. My experience was so intense that for a few seconds I really found myself in another era. Considering that after the 79′ I have tasted hundreds of R.D. bottles from twenty or so other vintages, I initially found it remarkable and extremely fascinating.’

Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin says the above after tasting the 2008 Bollinger R.D. He compares it to the 1979 vintage, although the 2008 gets one point more, and it thus ranks as the best Bollinger R.D. Juhlin has rated.

The 2008 Bollinger R.D. is available for investment, and it is not only the house’s best R.D. release to date. It is also part of the highly coveted, exceptional, and elite 2008 category, which has already achieved benchmark status in Champagne. A category where there are very few new releases left to come. Read much more about the potential here.

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