Investement tip; 2014 ‘Cristal Rosé’ [collaboration by RareWineInvest]

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Investment tip from our premium partner RareWineInvest – 2014 ‘Cristal Rosé’ [Read the full story by RareWineInvest]

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2014 Cristal Rosé is now available and according to wine-searcher.com you are now saving more than 11% compared to the world’s cheapest.

In 1974, 100 years after Cristal was created, former Roederer president Jean-Caude Rouzaud decided to create a rosé version of the mighty Cristal. To succeed in this, he selected Pinot Noir from old vines in some of the best Grand Cru fields in Aÿ. The ambitions were undoubtedly high and today Cristal Rosé is one of the absolute best Rosé Champagnes you can get your hands on – now the 2014 vintage has been released, and you can get involved right from the start, at a very attractive price.

That’s why you should invest in the 2014 Cristal Rosé

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