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Richard Juhlin

Would you like to gild your existence with some help from Champagne Club? Richard Juhlin & Björnstierne Antonsson is available for champagne tasting, lectures, champagne dinners, tours, consulting, journalistic assignments, media events, interviews and more. The possibilities are nearly endless! [scroll down to get inspired !]

If you are interested or would like to discuss the possibility of engaging our services, please send your request to contact @ champagneclub.com.


  • What is needed to be the best?
  • Sensory, the art of using & understanding Your senses.
  • To be successful in what You do through the passion for the subject.
  • Lectures on Champagne tasting & wine tasting generally and directly specified tastings.

After the tasting, the questions are answered and Richard sums up the tasting that takes takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Then there are many who wants to have dinner with or without Richard as a participant. If Richard is to be served, no seafood is served because Richard, alas, is hyperallergic to the good little lives so beautifully suited to the bubbling drink.


Richard Juhlin can always customize his tastings and focus on the clients wishes. Sure, it happens Richard is hired as a lecturer with a completely different focus than Champagne.


ENJOYING FOOD & CHAMPAGNE A relaxed & social event that Richard starts with a short presentation of himself and of the Champagne district followed by a short lesson in the art to enjoy this amazing wine.

SENSORY – THE ART OF USING & UNDERSTANDING YOUR SENSES Then a couple of champagnes are served side by side for short tasting before a suitable dish makes the entrance together with these wines. Richard describes the wines and discusses combinations a couple of minutes before and after the announcement of every right.

SOCIAL & FUN DINING In between, the dinner goes on in the usual way to provide great social space for potential customer activity etc. Usually, the customer chooses a dinner with three to five dishes with some really exciting champagnes to show the wide range of flavors found in these sparkling wines.


We can offer travel-program & hosting travels to;

  • Champagne
  • Bordeaux
  • Piemonte
  • California


We can offer program & hosting world class gastro-travels to;

  • London
  • New York
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Stockholm
  • Copenhagen
  • etc


To be successful in what You do through the passion for the subject.

  • Product development
  • Portfolio management
  • Staff education [for HoReCa]
  • Building gastro profile [for HoReCa]
  • Building wine program & wine cellars [for HoReCa & private clients]


We can offer chronicles, in-depth articles etc for;

  • Wine Magazines
  • Food & Gastro Magazines
  • Travel Magazines
  • Web
  • Books
  • TV
  • Documentaries


We can offer different features for events usch as;

  • THE CHAMPAGNE TOWER Spectacular service to kick off an event. [Björnstierne holds the current Swedish record – 13 levels – 819 glasses]
  • THE CHAMPAGNE SABRAGE Spectacular opening of an event.
  • THE CHAMPAGNE BAR Unique Champagne bar concept with a focus on champagne.
  • THE MODERATOR Leading panel discussions.
  • THE LAUNCH of a new vintage or product.
  • etc


’A champagne break with the world-leading Champagne expert Richard Juhlin is an experience for life. It is a experience to look forward to relax for a moment and thinking back every time you sit down with a glass of wine in hand. Relate to wine in general and CHAMPAGNE in particular, it will never be the same after having listened to Richard’s word of wisdom and learned of his infectious disease and passionate knowledge.’


The standard price for Richard Juhlin’s services per day is; 

o €6,000 [Sweden]
o €7,000 [Europe]
o €8,000 [the rest of the world]

The standard price for Björnstiernes services per day is; 

o €3,000 [Sweden]
o €3,500 [Europe]
o €4,000 [the rest of the world]

GENERALLY the price is the same for 15 minutes as for a whole day and for two persons or 200 people. However, we can show some flexibility little depending on how our calendar looks.

THE ADDITIONAL COSTS Travel expenses, hotel [if needed] & champagnes.


I used to be a football player and sports teacher but I changed tracks and became the number one Champagne expert in the world. It’s a huge step and a fantastic journey.
Today I am world famous for my skills in blind tastings. Where the peak was at the annual Spectacle du Monde tasting in Paris 2003 when I correctly identified 43 out of 50 champagnes when the runner-up, The worlds sommelier champion only identified 4.

I have been in the game for 35 years now and still got a tremendous passion for champagne. The landscape, the people and above all the most beautiful and fascinating wines in the world.

Over the years I have created my own Champagne Club, My own non-alcoholic sparkling wine, my own glasses, my own Champagne Hiking concept and arranged hundreds of champagne events all over the globe. I have made television in several Countries including China and I have written eight books about Champagne and I hold the world record in tasted champagnes since 1998. Currently a bit more than 12 000 champagnes tasted.

Over the years I have received many medals for my work and I am extremely proud to have received the highest rank in France when I was given the medal Legion d´Honnouer by the French president Mr Hollande.
I am also the only wine writer in the world who has received 6 gold medals at the unofficial world championship of Gourmet books, The Gourmands Awards created by Monsieur Edouard Cointreau. 5 gold medals for my books and one as the best television host in the gourmet world.

The eight books I have written are:

  1. Champagneboken 1995
  2. 2000 Champagnes 1999
  3. The Great Tasting 2000
  4. 3000 Champagner 2002
  5. 4000 Champagnes 2004
  6. Richard Juhlin Champagne Guide 2008
  7. A Scent of Champagne 2013
  8. Champagne Hiking 2017

Since the champagne world is changing faster than ever before with more and more ecological and new single vineyard-wines, I felt that there was a need to catch up. That’s the reason why I just have finished my ultimate book. The Champagne Magnum Opus, Where I sum up everything that is worth knowing about a fast changing champagne world including ratings of all my 12 000 champagnes tasted.
Since I am a perfectionist, the goal is to make it the best wine book in world. A masterpiece that will live forever. 
I hope you like to join me in my glittering world and help me spread the message about the most fascinating beverage on the planet.

A votre Santé !


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