Dinner with the sommeliers

Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

When sommelier and food connoisseur TheChampagnesommelier aka Björnstierne and his friends in the restaurant business are seen for dinner, the gunpowder is not saved. Luxurious ingredients, fine wines and well-cooked dishes are interspersed with industry gossip, food talk and many happy laughs. This is dinner with the sommeliers.

When sommeliers meet, they go all the way:

only the best is good enough!

We are a fairly loose group of chefs and sommelier who usually meet sometimes and have dinner together when we are free, says Björnstierne. Unfortunately it does not happen that often but it is always just as nice. We usually see each other on a Sunday because that is when most of us are free.

It’s also a Sunday when we get to look at such a dinner. Scents of wonder are spread from the restaurant kitchen at Östergårds in Danderyd. Dinner can be held there as the restaurant is closed.

According to Björnstierne, it does not have to be luxurious or snobby food that requires complicated cooking.

It should just be something that we really like and long for. We always start from the season’s raw materials, but then it’s just about what you are most eager for, says Mattias. This time, manager Mattias Larsson, for example, chose deer, which is so rarely eaten. Also, I love fresh truffles. He cooked the dish with scallops a few years ago and it turned out better than we had expected, so Mattias wanted to invite his friends to it.

raw marinated scallop with cauliflower cream, trout caviar, dill, citronette, dill seed crusts – photo Charlie Drevstam
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