Dinner for 8 ? a road trip

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

I went by train to the west country – the city of my youth – Göteborg. I started out the day by leaving the city at 06:30. Landed down-town & fast check-in at the hotel (nowadays the rooms are ready for check-in before the usual 3pm…), asked the staff to chill my magnum for tonights dinner.

Took a long walk to the borough of Majorna and at Mariaplan my dear Italian friend Robert Maglia has created a bit of his own Little Italy at Enoteca Maglia. Every time I’m in town I have to have him cook me lunch or dinner.

I texted him as I sat down in my first class coach [3 people on 72 seats] – talk about social distancing! Well, lets get back to the text, I asked him if it was possible to get his version of mac & cheese for lunch? The reply was both fast & positive; ‘Si signore il sommelier!’ His version contains Italian macaroni, parmigiana & white Alba-truffles. So simple, som delicious!


We both share the passion for food, fine wine & football [if we ad a fourth F – Family its all complete – the essentials in life !]. So we had much to talk about catching-up since it’s almost a year since we’ve seen each-other due to COVID-19.

‘My good friend Robert Maglia has created a wine oasis at Enoteca Maglia that gets a gastronomic gansgter as myself to feel divine. Here I feel the best with a glass of vino & a plate of Italian love.’


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