Champagne Friday 88.0 – Collard-Picard & Goutorbe-Bouillot

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Richard Juhlin

Every Friday The no1 Champagne expert in the world will taste new & old Champagne s to give You a tip or two for the weekend. This week Richard Juhlin tasted new champagnes from Collard Picard & Goutorbe Bouillot. [read the full champagne story]

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‘The 2002 Cuvée des Archives is the firm’s pride. The cork is sealed with a string in the old-fashioned way and only three thousand bottles are made. There is no doubt that the firm’s finest grapes are selected for this wine and the wine itself is aged in oak barrels for a long time. The candy notes, which unfortunately is too evident in their other wines (especially Dom Picard), is totally gone and the oak-tones are prominent but nicely orchestrated. A kind of chardonnay-based Bollinger copy with rich apple tones, sauna, tobacco, mushroom and hazelnut.’

Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin


‘In 1911 the union between Jules Goutorbe and Louise Bouilliot was the beginning of the house Champagne Goutorbe-Bouillot. The firm controls 9 hectares. The vineyards in and around Damery are dominated by Pinot Meunier where the flagship is the fenced vineyard Clos des Monnaises which is vinified separately. The reserve wines are stored on a solera and the proportion of oak barrels is as high as the level of ambition. The champagne is mainly sold on the French market (50%), as well as in Europe (36% in Belgium, the rest in Germany, England and Italy). Today, Bastien Papleux operates the property.’

Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin
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