Three Swedish artisans launch an exclusive champagne hiking bag – Palmgrens, Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin and Reijmyre

Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Together with Richard Juhlin and Reijmyre Glasbruk, Palmgrens presents a hiking bag – a unique fusion of leather, champagne and crystal glass, where nature acts as a frame and engages all the senses. The hiking bag was presented in Palmgren’s store in Stockholm on November 10, 2022.

The unique hiking bag is produced in Stockholm and each bag is numbered, during production the customer is also offered to stamp their initials on the bag. It is sewn in vegetable tanned leather in Palmgren’s classic cognac colour. The bag also holds four crystal glasses designed by Richard Juhlin, made by Reijmyre’s experienced glassblowers, metal cooling blocks, lined with a woolen lining and a custom space for a champagne bottle.

‘Designing something so specific, where taste, smell and feel are at the center, calls for careful reflection on function and interaction between leather, Champagne and crystal glass, where everyone plays an important role,’

Catharina Herré, CEO of Palmgrens

Richard’s search for new champagne experiences has led him to exciting and exotic places, where carefully selected champagnes act in harmony with the natural beauty of the surroundings, and that’s how the idea for Champagne Hiking was born – a tasting trip around the world.

‘Champagne is, strangely enough, the only wine that can contain all the scents of nature in one glass. Its unparalleled aromatic diversity makes it possible to absorb the scents of all types of nature and create harmony with the environment you are in. Through the scent and character of the place, different sides of the champagne’s personality will be highlighted and strengthened. All your senses work together when you are going to enjoy yourself. That’s why the Champagne Hiking concept was created,’

Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin’s champagne glass is a blown glass and the technique was introduced at the mill in the 1830s. The blasted edge is heat treated, thus both thin and soft as well as pleasant. Reijmyre crystal glass is made lead-free and artisanally in Kolmården. Richard Juhlin’s champagne is produced in the French wine region of Champagne. Both crafts, crystal glass and drink, affect how we experience the place, how we experience and remember the drink, the conversation and the socializing. By taking champagne and champagne glasses out into nature, we take the experience of taste and aroma to a higher level.

‘Craft is an experience and a craft wine is best enjoyed in a craft glass. Equally important are the place and the company. With this hiking bag, there is the opportunity to align all the stars for the ultimate experience,’

Viktor Söderberg, CEO of Reijmyre Glasbruk

The Champagne Hiking bag will be able to be ordered through Palmgren’s store on Sibyllegatan in Stockholm from January 2023. Price on request.

AB Joh. Palmgren was founded in Stockholm in 1896 by saddler Johannes Palmgren and specializes in leather bags, travel effects and accessories. Since the company was founded, Palmgren’s store has been located on Sibyllegatan in Stockholm. Palmgrens has its own production as well as collaborations with external designers to develop the range. All of Palmgren’s products are manufactured with great care for the craftsmanship and quality, and in vegetable tanned leather for environmental reasons.

Visit www.palmgrens.se for more information.

Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin is the largest independent source of champagne information in the world. THE CHAMPAGNE EXPERT Richard Juhlin is the world’s foremost champagne expert, best known for his skills in blind tasting. Since 1998, he has held the world record for the most champagne ever tasted, having tasted, categorized & rated more than 14,000+ different unique champagnes in his lifetime. Established 1999.

Visit www.champagnelcub.com for more information.

Reijmyre Glasbruk was founded in 1810 in the deep forests of Kolmården. To this day, all crystal glass is made entirely by hand there. Today, manufacturing takes place through a number of techniques, of which driven, blown and pressed glass are the main ones.

Visit www.reijmyre.com for more information.

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