Ask TheChampagneSommelier; What makes the Champagne designation unique?

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There are several factors that make the Champagne designation unique.

  1. The first is its terroir. The characteristics of the Champagne terroir cannot be reproduced anywhere but in Champagne: vineyards planted on hillsides, with well-drained soils, slopes that get plenty of sunshine and carefully selected grape varieties for their resistance to the climate.
  2. The second is the Champagne makers’ skills in terms of blending, which produces balanced wines of unwavering taste and quality. Pressing of black-skinned grapes to make white wine. And, last but not least, expert control of effervescence in the wine.
  3. The third has to do with the prestige surrounding Champagne: a world-famous name that is immediately associated with partying, celebration and elegance…

Defending the Champagne designation is necessary to protect this common heritage, this terroir, these skills and this legendary name.

How has Champagne risen to such global prominence? 

The history of Champagne is closely intertwined with the history of France. Because the Kingdom of France was born with Clovis’ baptism in Reims (a city in the Champagne region), Champagne wine would come to be closely associated with the king, with nobility and with grand occasions.

In the late 17th century, it became sparkling, instantly winning over the court as well as the wealthy and the titled. Thanks to the extensive travels undertaken by the Champagne Houses, Champagne became famous around the world among aristocratic circles: as a symbol of culture, liberal thinking and the French way of life. 

[ source CIVC.fr ]

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