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Welcome to our world of Champagne ! This months info about what’s in pipe-line from Champagne Club.

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So what have Richard been up to lately ? Quiet a lot actually !

In the life of Richard Juhlin a lot is evolving round new vintages & new releases of champagnes. The Tasting library contains 13,500+ unique tasting notes & reviews. [latest reviews & tasting notes – link here] The goal is to hit 14,000 for the international version of ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’ [publising date planned for X-mas’22]


Our book ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’ Published in dec’22 has been nominated for ‘Årets Guldägg’ in the category Förpackningsdesign [Packaging design].

Guldägget [The golden egg] rewards this year’s best, most innovative and smartest communication. The purpose is to inspire the creators, and show both clients and the outside world the huge difference between mediocre ideas, and communication that creates change in big steps. [Guldägget 2022 – link here]


‘It has become a wonderful tradition that I take my sons on a combined sun-warming training camp and champagne hiking trip arranged by the masterful tour operator Travel Beyond with the father on the sports holiday. That may sound a bit twisted, but in my own case it’s exactly right and when it comes to the sons, it’s mostly about training camp and swimming holiday with a bit of champagne training assisting his dear father.’

[Chronicle – Seychelles and legendary Raffles – link here]

Visit @ Reimyre Glass Company

The Champagne Club team took a two hour drive south of Stockholm to the old mill community of the same name to visit Rejmyre Glass Company. More about this premium design collaboration later this spring. [link here]

2,500,000 VIEWS @ champagneclub.com!

We are very happy to announce that our new web have been flying since the re-launch in September’20. We just passed 2,5 million viewed pages. Thank You all for sharing our passion for Champagne! 

THE CONCEPT Friday Champagne 

Every Friday The no1 Champagne expert in the world will taste new & old Champagne s to give You a tip or two for the weekend. [view thew Friday films here]

RECIPES – champagne & food

Need gastronomical inspiration? we’ve posted a lot of recipes by Tommy Myllymäki from the gastronomical chapter from the new book ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’. Each month Champagne Club will share recipes & menus for those of you who do not think it is enough to drink champagne as aperitif. The recipes comes from travel in Champagne, memorable restaurants in Sweden and internationally, unforgettable meetings between champagne, food and people. [for more gastronomical inspiration – link here]

SPECIAL OFFER for membership

We offer You the possibility to get two years access to the web + the app ‘Champagne Club’ for the price of one year – €65. [Use the code – VIP 2022] [register Your membership here]

BWW 2022 Best Champagne Critic in the World

In 2022, as in 2020, Richard Juhlin was awarded the prize ‘Best Champagne Critic in the World. Tastingbook.com‘s international pro members – wine importers, sommeliers, wine merchants and wine producers around the world – have listed anonymously the wine critics who they consider should be on the Top 50 Wine Critic list in BWW2022. The 50 shortlisted wine critics received in total 314,126 votes from wine professionals and wine lovers from 63 countries during the public voting period. [read more here]

NEW VINTAGES from Champagne Bollinger

Our dear friends from Champagne Bollinger let RJ have the embargo to taste & evaluate the new vintages of their champagnes. Look out for RJs tasting notes & scores of ‘La Grande Année’ & ‘La Grande Année Rosé’ 2014. [read more about it in the app]

THE CHAMPAGNE INTERVIEW with cellar masters

Every bottle tells a story. What’s Yours? Every week we interview people in the world of Champagne on their iconic bottles. Now & then TheChampagneSommelier will interview some of the true people of Champagne. He will ask a few questions about their company, their profession, current trends, etc.

We had a bubbly chat with Alice Tétienne, Cellar Master from Champagne Henriot in Reims & Bertrand Lhôpital, Cellar Master from Champagne Telmont in Damery. [read more champagne interviews]

THE APP – Champagne Club & Champagne Hiking

Welcome to the champagne world’s instagram!

As a member in Champagne Club You can access the app with the same log-in. [read more about the app]

Now we ask You to be an ambassador of the app & to fill the app with all Your fantastic Champagne Hiking photos & experiences [both old & new photos can be used.]

The new concept is as simple as it is wonderful for the champagne lover;

You post your own champagne experiences in different places. Find a great spot, take a picture of an open bottle and glass when you drink champagne. Post it in the app. Share it in the app & social media, build your own champagne community. Post Your tasting note & score & compare with Richard Juhlins tasting note & score. 

Have fun with Champagne Hiking! 

IN THE NEW APP You will find; more than 13,500+ unique tasting notes & scores by Richard Juhlin [you can put in your own tasting notes], You can enjoy ’Champagne Hikings’ [post your own hikings, build champagne clubs with friends, follow leaderboards, read the book Champagne Hiking, listen to all the chapters in the book, post them on social media etc]

THE CONCEPT ‘Champagne Hiking’ is available in both as a book & a new app [both for iOS & Android]

Champagne is the language of luxury. This is your dictionary.


Here is a list of your premium partners;


Our partner & manufacturer of the premium champagne glass ‘Richard Juhlin by Reijmyre’. Reijmyre glassworks dates from 1810, when it was founded in 1810 by Johan Jacob Graver and Baron Mattias Alexander von Ungern-Sternberg. Reijmyre is one of Sweden’s oldest and still active glassworks. The mill is known for genuine craftsmanship and stylish design in both clear crystal and colored glass. At Reijmyre, everything is made entirely by hand. Reijmyre is perhaps mainly characterized by characteristic glass design, combined with form and function in fantastic colors, especially red, green and blue. In 2021, furnace 3 in the cabin was prepared and commissioned. [link here]


Our publishing company for the new epic book ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’. Founded in 2017, Mondial is a sharp and agile publishing house with a broad and eclectic book list. Our focus is bringing accessible, interesting books to a broader market. We specialize in narrative non-fiction, journalism, current affairs and high-profile biographies. Having said this—we love surprises: so we could publish just about anything with potential. We publish around 40 titles a year. [link here]


Frankenstein Studios is a design and advertising agency and was founded in 2007 by Pontus Frankenstein. Renowned for its versatility and eclectic executions, the studio in content-driven and based on an expertise in building brands within popular culture. We offer design and communication consultancy for our clients that enhance the profitability of their businesses. We grow strategies, create concepts, develop brands and their identities through visual and tangible communication. Using imagery, spaces, campaigns, objects and films for our clients, we translate must have status into sales volume[link here]


Cheflix is our new partner with their digital platform for our ‘Champagne Master Class by Richard Juhlin’. Cheflix is the latest streaming service for anyone who loves cooking and food. The ‘Netflix of Michelin Star Chefs’, which will provide you with unlimited access to online master classes by the best chefs in the world. Delve into your own kitchen, together with the chefs, and learn all the finer tricks of the trade. Our chefs know all the tricks, secrets and pitfalls and will allow you to cook the stars out of the sky at home! From starting out home chefs to experienced chefs, the master classes are perfectly accessible at any level! The chefs will provide you with a step-by-step demonstration of how to simply and quickly prepare culinary dishes. From beautiful starters, signature dishes to the most delicious desserts. Each master class comes with a written recipe with a handy shopping list, allowing you to quickly get started. [link here]


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An extraordinary selection of fine wines and spirits. With more than 25,000 bottles representing more than 2,500 different wines and vintages from the best and most exclusive wine producers in the world, RareWine offer the most comprehensive selection of fine wines in Scandinavia. [link here]


Our suppliers of premium shirts. Or as they say ‘We are devoted to quality. Every detail matters. We put all our knowledge, passion, and effort into our products, just to fall in love with them. To make them be like our favorite song, food, or film. Things we never get tired of. That is what we are trying to do. We do it with devotion. Our reward is your satisfaction.’ [link here]


Travel Beyond was founded in 2005 by Helena Andrén and Annika Björkroth. Our travel agent who tailors exclusive and unique travel arrangements around the world. We turn to them with high demands on quality and service, regardless of whether we travel as a couple, family, group or company. [link here]

VINLAGRING.SE [for the Swedish market only]

Letar du efter marknadens bästa produkter för vinlagring i toppklass? Då måste du kontakta Vinlagring.se. Vi på familjeföretaget Stenlunds firar nu 50 år i branschen och är inne på fjärde generationen handlare. Under åren har vi samlat på oss unika erfarenheter och kunskaper. Idag har vi Sveriges största sortiment med allt från vinlagringsskåp och vinkylskåp till skräddarsydda vinkällare. Vi är kort sagt ledande i branschen – och bland våra många kunder finns både superkräsna vinexperter och färska nybörjare. I samarbete/partnerskap med Vinlagring.se vill vi erbjuda en exklusiv rabatt till våra medlemmar. Med rabattkoden Champagneclub15 får ni 15% rabatt på vinkylar & vinställ. [link here]

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