The Champagne Art of Sarah Launois

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The artist Sarah Launois run the family domaine of Champagne Paul Launois in Le Mesnil-sûr-Oger. But that’s another story [read the full champagne story] 

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Sarah Launois

From a large family, Sarah, born under the name “Maïer”, has two triplet sisters and an older sister. Since her childhood, she has been passionate about painting. She spends her free time reproducing paintings by famous painters, in particular Gaugain’s nudes, cubist paintings or Monet’s landscapes. Her father, a lover of photography, also introduced her to this art. 

Sarah Launois first studied cinema, photography and art history at university. Her dream was to become a photographer. Following the upheavals brought about by digital technology in the field of photography, she decided to go to a School of Fine Arts. She then made numerous experiments in the photographic laboratory and discovered nude drawing, painting and engraving. After graduating in Fine Arts, she then chose to do a Master’s degree in Graphic Design at a higher school in order to broaden her knowledge of digital media and typography. During this course, she completed an Eramus exchange with the Leipzig School of Art, during which she worked on illustration and lithography. She then completed internships in a number of fields including interior design and communication. 

Married since 2014 to a Champagne winegrower, Julien Launois, she joined her husband to take over the family business and create the Paul Launois Champagne brand, named after their son. Today, with her husband, she runs 2 companies and is in charge of the layout, graphics, decoration and wine design of their Champagne house. She created her workshop on the estate and decided to return to her first loves: painting and photography. Today, Sarah Launois manages to make an artistic experiment out of her everyday life. Pluridisciplinary and self-taught, she builds her universe around Champagne and Art, combining all her skills to make her life a work of art. 

Her works are not characteristic of a pictorial technique. Rather drawn than painted, more in movement than frozen, coming from photographed or filmed scenes, her works highlight bodies, faces in all kinds of physical or psychological states. Scribbled, sketched, invisible, fragmented or accumulated, her bodies, faces or scenes express an inner chaos: that of her own person and that of those she met during her travels. It is not necessarily a question of expressing an evil being, but a state of mind, a personality or a feeling. 

“When I create, whether it is wine, a painting, a drawing or an interior, I want those who drink it, who possess it or who evolve in it to feel an emotion, a euphoria… or a desire.” 

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