The Best Champagne Critic of the World 2022

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

The Best Champagne Critic of the World 2022 – title was awarded to Richard Juhlin. He got an overall 15th place as well.

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Richard Juhlin is one of the top Champagne experts in the world. At the annual Spectacle du Monde tasting in 2003, the Sweden-born Juhlin successfully identified 43 out of 50 Champagnes that were tasted blind. He is the author of several books, including “A Scent of Champagne” released this year, which provides descriptions and ratings of 8000 Champagnes. In addition to television and writing, Juhlin is often involved in consulting work with Champagne houses, as well as speaking at major events around the world.

source tastingbook.com

BWW 2022 – The Best Wine Critics of the World have been selected 

– Jeb Dunnuck is the surprise Winner!

BWW – The Best Wine of The World Competition is the largest wine competition in the world, whether measured by the number of wines or consumers involved or the judges taking part. Besides annual ranking of the best wines from over 20,000 different wines, the BWW competition also ranks the best wine shops and best wine critics based.  Since 2018, BWW competition has received over 9 million votes.

The Best Wine Critic of the World – competition is part of the BWW2022 – the Best Wine of the World Competition, which was held in the world’s largest wine information service – tastingbook.com. 

Tastingbook.com‘s international pro members – wine importers, sommeliers, wine merchants and wine producers around the world – have listed anonymously the wine critics who they consider should be on the Top 50 Wine Critic list in BWW2022. 

The 50 shortlisted wine critics received in total 314,126 votes from wine professionals and wine lovers from 63 countries during the public voting period. 

The competition was very tight again this year. There was only 5,000 votes’ difference between the winner and the least voted critic in the final. Independent wine critics were particularly successful. In addition to Jeb Dunnuck, there was several independent wine critics among the top 20 list – e.g., Jeannie Cho Lee MW, Allen Meadows, Markus del Monego MW, Tim Atkin MW, Richard Juhlin, Jeff Leve, Axel Probst, Andrew Caillard MW and Luca Gardini.

In BWW2022, the Best Wine Critic of the World – title was awarded to Jeb Dunnuck

‘m honored to be acknowledged, and I’d like to say thank you to all who voted in the competition. We’re a young company, but the team at JebDunnuck.com has put in an incredible amount of work over the past five years. We continue to grow, and I believe the best is yet to come. Knowing that there were over 340,000 votes cast means a lot. I’m also happy to see many independent critics on the list. There’s an unfortunate trend in wine criticism today that finds too many well-known publications on the trade’s payroll. This rightly erodes trust and does lasting damage to the industry. Wine criticism exists to help consumers find wines they like, but this requires consumers to know and trust the person (not the publication) writing the reviews. I would again like to thank you for acknowledging our contributions, and I wish you all the best in wine and life.’

Jeb Dunnuck


  1. Jeb Dunnuck
  2. Jancis Robinson MW
  3. James Suckling.
  4. Neal Martin
  5. Antonio Galloni
  6. Jeannie Cho Lee MW
  7. Allen Meadows
  8. James Halliday 
  9. Stephen Tanzer
  10. Michel Bettane
  11. James Molesworth
  12. James Laube
  13. Tim Atkin MW
  14. Markus Del Monego MW 
  15. Richard Juhlin 
  16. Luca Gardini
  17. Jeff Leve
  18. Axel Probst
  19. Andrew Caillard MW
  20. Julia Harding MW.
  21. José Peñin
  22. Andrew Jefford
  23. Peter Moser
  24. Izak Litwar  
  25. Stuart Pigott
  26. Oz Clarke
  27. Huon Hooke
  28. René Gabriel
  29. Jean-Marc Quarin
  30. Richard Hemming MW

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