The Alliance Terroirs Project by Henriot

Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

In 2020 Champagne Henriot launched the project – Alliance Terroirs – which is part of continuity & sustainability. [read the full champagne story] 

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Champagne is composed of a great diversity of terroirs, through different exposures of vines, slopes, soil compositions, people involved in the vineyard and cultivation practices that contribute to the richness of the vineyard of Champagne.

When Apolline Henriot founded the Maison, she decided to craft a Champagne that would allow her to illuminate her vineyards and share the beauty of Champagne. Following in Apolline’s footsteps, several generations of the Henriot family have been trained as agricultural engineers. All have contributed to developing expertise and strengthening the care given to the vines. The Alliance Terroirs project, launched in 2020, is part of this continuity. The project has three main topics: knowledge of terroirs, adaptation of viticultural practices to each terroir, and ensuring the long-term future of Champagne.

The foundation of this project is defined by knowledge of the vine, the plant, its environment and its origins, characterizing its terroir roots. To build it up, Maison Henriot conducts soil studies, climatological analyses and studies of the vines during its vegetative period.

All this knowledge enables the House to adapt winegrowing practices to each terroir. These provide precise information on the balance of grass cover, the need to intervene in case of cryptogamic pressure on the vines, or the organic matter content of a plot defining a possible need for supplementation. Maison Henriot’s precision viticulture is guided by the ambition to be able to practice as many viticultures as there are plots within its vineyard.

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