Sense of smell insured for seven million

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

All of us who like to try wine understand how important the nose is. Losing your sense of smell is bad. For a person who lives on having his nose work, it is of course a disaster.

This is where insurance comes in. Not that it recreates the sense of smell – but at least it’s a compensation. Like the ball conjurer Ronaldo, who insured his legs against disability for around one billion kroner, or Bruce Springsteen, who has voice insurance for almost 30 million dollars.

Among wine people, the wine producer Ilja Gort, who owns Château la Tulipe, has the largest insurance, says the Danish newspaper Vinavisen. The sum insured is 7 million euros. The wine guru Robert Parker is said to have insured his nose for 1 million euros, while the New Zealand wine writer Yvonne Lorkin’s insurance is for just under half a million euros.

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