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Read the latest investment tip from RareWineInvest; Champagne Selosse.

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Selosse tops Champagne with Krug and Salon and even if the world situation is uncertain, there is much that speaks for champagne investments. Read more about the potential here.

“The magic man from Avize has swiftly become Champagne’s cult grower number one, after having been chosen as France’s top winemaker in all categories by the magazine Gault Millau in 1994 […] Thanks for existing Anselme!”

Richard Juhlin

The man who is the object of Richard Juhlin’s enthusiasm is Anselme Selosse, who revolutionised his parents’ champagne company Jacques Selosse. And in fact, Juhlin also says that Anselme is his favourite winemaker as well as the most original winemaker in Champagne.

Sommeliers, wine connoisseurs and champagne lovers all agree, which has placed Jacques Selosse as one of the most sought-after producers in Champagne. Something that is also manifested in Selosse jumping from position number 36 on Liv-ex’s Power 100 2021 list to number 11 on the 2022 list, representing the most powerful wines on the secondary market. A 2022 list where there are only nine Champagnes in the top 100!

Jacques Selosse’s vintage Champagne, Grand Cru Millesime, is now available for investment. It is only produced in around 4,000 bottles per vintage, which is why it is notoriously difficult to source even at release. This is also why, only twice before, you have had the opportunity to invest in Jacques Selosse through RareWine Invest. Now the opportunity is finally here again. 

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