Richard Juhlin X RareWine Invest [episode 1]

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

Welcome to the first episode of Meet The Wine Critic. In this series, we will bring you closer to the authorities of the wine world. This is the perfect content for you who love everything with wine and need something special for a break this summer.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Meet the unofficial world champion in Champagne: Richard Juhlin, one of the world’s most important authorities when it comes to Champagne.

If you are interested in Champagne, you should stop scrolling, because then we will take Richard Juhlin from Champagne Club, with you on a trip to Champagne. Richard Juhlin has devoted most of his life to Champagne and has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the subject. In the video you can e.g. become wiser about how Juhlin approaches a glass of Champagne, how he sees that the Champagne market has developed and not least how many different Champagnes one must have tasted to be considered one of the world’s leading authorities in the field.

Sit back and enjoy a champagne chat in good company with Richard Juhlin and RareWines Alexander Emerén.

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