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At the beginning of this year we got the sad news that the highly skilled winemakers of the region – Erick de Sousa passed away. Our thoughts are with the family.

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Our begining of the year was a little bit sad, we loose our father Erick, he was fighting againt’s disease since 3 year are he past away at the begining the of January…

Charlotte, Julie and Valentin DE SOUSA

De Sousa according to Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin

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This company was established in 1950 by Antoine and Zoemie De Sousa. Erick de Sousa and his family got the domaine in 1986 and it has nine and a half hectares at Avize, Le Mesnils sur Oger, Cramant and Oger, where the average age of the vines is forty-five years. Erick is very goal-orientated and has most certainly taken a peek at Selosse’s success, imitating them in many ways in terms of work in the vineyard and the process of vinification itself.

Since 1995, oak barrels from Chablis, but mostly form Champagne now, have been used for all wines from the fifty-year-old vines. 5 per cent of the barrels are new oak. The wines are never chaptalized and every plot is vinified separately. This company already has a very good reputation, despite having been on the Champagne scene for only a short time. In spite of all the success with the white wines it is often the Caudalies Rosé that fascinates me the most. A shockingly good wine with the most bourgogne-like Montrachet bouquet one could imagine. When the oak barrel is integrated with roasted coffee beans, nut toffee, chocolates, acasia and hazelnuts at the same time giving the source free rein, it is difficult not to get carried away by the joy afforded by such wines. This is such a wine! Today I hold Caudalies Mesnil as the number one wine in the impressive portfolio.

Certification in Organic Farming since 2010 and Demeter since 2013.

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