Registration for the Lily Bollinger Award has opened – Tina Johansson takes over as competition leader

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The Lily Bollinger Award was established over 20 years ago and since then the competition has become an established and recognized part of the work to elevate female sommelières. This year registration opens with a new competition leader in the form of star sommelière Tina Johansson.

For over 20 years, Champagne Bollinger together with Arvid Nordquist has run the Lily Bollinger Award competition. The competition has become an established and recognized part of the work to elevate female sommelières. Being Lily Bollinger of the Year has developed over the years to be synonymous with being named Sweden’s best female sommelière. Registration is now open and this year a profile with a past in the competition is seen as the new competition leader.

‘It feels incredibly fun to take on the role of competition leader for the Lily Bollinger Award. I myself have a past in the competition and was the winner in 2017. I look forward to giving back to the competition’

says Tina Johansson, new competition director for the Lily Bollinger Award.

Tina Johansson herself has competed in two rounds of the Lily Bollinger Award, where in 2017 she won the coveted prize and was able to title herself Sweden’s best female sommelier. Today, Tina is head sommelier at the one-star Restaurant Ekstedt, part of the Swedish national sommelier team (Swesomm) and a wine writer.

‘We are very happy to have Tina Johansson as competition leader in the Lily Bollinger Award. Tina has already been part of the competition for several years together with Emma Ziemann and we look forward to Tina continuing to develop the competition further. We also hope that we will get to work with more former participants as a natural feature of the competition’

says Evelina Walsö, project manager for the Lily Bollinger Award.

The Lily Bollinger Award is aimed both at professional sommeliers, professionals and students at sommelier training courses. A win in the competition does not only mean the glorious title “Lily Bollinger of the Year”. The first prize winner will also win a bike symbolic of and honoring Lily herself, who was often seen cycling between her vineyards, as well as an educational trip to Champagne Bollinger.

Registration is open at www.lilybollingeraward.se, where the deadline for registration is May 6.

For those who want to know more about competitive sommeliers and participation in the Lily Bollinger Award, a digital information meeting will be organized together with Tina Johansson on April 21. Registration is done at www.lilybollingeraward.se.

The semi-final takes place on May 19 at Arvid Nordquist’s office in Solna, and the prestigious final takes place on September 22-23 in Stockholm.

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