Recipe; pikeperch quenell with oscietra and beurre blanc by Tommy Myllymäki

Picture of Tommy Myllymäki

Tommy Myllymäki

Recipe by Tommy Myllymäki from the gastronomical chapter from the new book ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’. International release is planned to Christmas’22.

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

When you ask two creators to create something together, the result is seldom better than they would have achieved individually. Especially not if the people in question are extremely talented, experienced and used to deciding. Even if they are professionals. It was my first thought when I heard that the champagne genius Richard Juhlin would put together a dinner with the Scandinavian kitchen’s star chef Tommy Myllymäki.

[collaboration with Mondial]

FROM THE BOOK The murmur grows. The music is raised. The sun is setting. Stop the clock. If I had to choose, all dinners would end right now. Two glasses of champagne in. The irritable and nervous have been replaced by relaxed anticipation. Dopamine and endorphins float almost freely, and the conversations pick up speed. The kitchen is of course keeping a close eye on this. Al of a sudden has the next culinary presentation landed on the table. Another starter in the form of elegant veal tartare with mushroom, hazelnut and roasted chicken emulsion. In the glass a celebrity.

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