Q & A; Why Magnum Champagne?

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Why Magnum Bottles?

But what could be better than raising a glass of this noble beverage? Well, doing so with a magnum bottle of champagne in hand. Magnum bottles not only add an extra touch of elegance but also offer advantages that can be highly appealing to wine investors.

One of the most prominent benefits of champagne in magnum format is its extended aging on the lees. Magnum bottles are often allowed to rest on the lees for two to three years longer than standard 0.75-liter bottles. This means that the champagne is disgorged later, leading to a higher quality product compared to the same vintage in a smaller bottle.

Despite magnum bottles being twice the size of traditional 0.75-liter bottles, the amount of oxygen inside the bottle is not proportionally much higher. This means that the extra amount of champagne in a magnum bottle is exposed to the same amount of oxygen as in a regular bottle. This fact contributes to improved aging capacity and provides the champagne with increased potential to age gracefully over time. For investors interested in purchasing and storing top-quality champagnes, this can be a crucial factor to consider.

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