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Richard Juhlin

We’ve signed a premium partnership with Chelfix. This is Cheflix: the world’s most popular cookbook. Learn to cook at home with the best chefs in the world like Björn Frantzén***, Gaggan Anand**, Bo Songvisava* and many more. Learn their secret recipes, techniques and cooking skills and be inspired with more than 250 unique video cooking lessons.

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The Champagne Master Class by Richard Juhlin can be viewed on the new digital platform cheflix.com

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What is Cheflix?

In beautifully filmed masterclasses, international top chefs explain step by step how to put culinary dishes on the table quickly and easily. Each masterclass consists of more than 10 unique cooking classes that you can easily stream on any smartphone, tablet, PC and TV. Wherever and whenever you want.

Thanks to beautiful close-ups and the cinema quality, you get the feeling that the chef is standing next to you in your own kitchen. All lessons include a clear printable workbook with a step-by-step plan and a handy shopping list.

Cheflix is ​​for everyone: from amateur home cook to experienced chef. You don’t need any cooking experience so you can start right away! Success is guaranteed.

Why choose Cheflix?

  • The best chefs in the world, enjoy masterclasses by Björn Frantzén***, Gaggan Anand**, Bo Songvisava* and many more
  • More than 250 exclusive video cooking lessons
  • Suitable for any level, from beginner to professional
  • Unlimited ad-free streaming on any device: phone, tablet, laptop or tv
  • Download and print recipes with convenient workbooks
  • Monthly price: $4,99, billed annually

Unique masterclasses on Cheflix – a selection

  • Björn Frantzén*** – Nordic Cuisine at Home
  • Jacob Jan Boerma*** – Star combinations
  • Richard Juhlin – The World of Champagne
  • Søren Selin** – New Nordic Cuisine
  • Johan Jureskog – Steaks & Burgers
  • Gianluca di Taranto – An introduction to wine
  • Viki Geunes*** – Salty Taste of the Sea
  • Gaggan Anand** – Chaos With Gaggan
  • Bo Songvisava* – Authentic Thai Cuisine

A sneak-peak of The Champagne Master Class by Richard Juhlin. 

14 episodes from the no1 champagne expert in the world.

About this masterclass

For almost three centuries, Champagne has been associated with luxury, elegance and glamour. But what is Champagne really? A luxurious sparkling wine, or – how we like to call it – France’s greatest gift to the civilized world? During this unique Champagne masterclass, Champagne expert Richard Juhlin teaches you everything you need to know about the most complex and extraordinary beverage on this planet. You will learn about the history of Champagne, the different styles and flavours, the process of making Champagne and even… ‘Champagne Hiking’. Always wanted to learn how to combine Champagne with food? Or how to open the bottle like a pro (or how to perfectly hold your glass)? Exclusively for Cheflix, Richard Juhlin will share his passion and knowledge about this sparkling wine. Santé!

Richard Juhlin

About Richard

Let the world’s number one Champagne expert in the world guide you through the wonderful world of Champagne: Richard Juhlin. Most famous for his skills in blind taste testing, he has held the world record for most Champagne ever tasted – close to 14,000+ unique Champagnes! Not only has he enjoyed one of the world’s best Champagne, he also designed Champagne glasses, and he wrote multiple books about Champagne. His book “A scent of Champagne” was translated into five languages and won the prestigious title ‘Best wine book in the world’ at the World Cook Book Awards in Beijing. If there’s one person who could share his knowledge and enthusiasm for France’s greatest gift, it’s Richard.

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