Champagne Master Class by Richard Juhlin

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Richard Juhlin

Let the no 1 Champagne expert in the world guide you through the wonderful world of Champagne!

What is champagne really? Glamorous bubbles or France’s greatest gift to the civilized world. Champagne – just taking the word in your mouth creates an air of glittering expectations, right? For almost three centuries, Champagne has been associated with luxury, flair, elegance, and glamor. There are few victories and festivities that have been celebrated without this golden drink.

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For €66 You get full access to the following;

14 Video Lessons

Different styles, flavors, and techniques-During 14 in depth video lessons, Champagne master Richard Juhlin, teaches you everything you need to know about the most complex and extraordinary beverage on this planet.

The Ultimate Champagne Guide

In 297 downloadable pages, Richard summarizes his best knowledge from over 30 years in the Champagne industry. His top 100 best champagnes, the best growers, lesson recaps, tasting sheets, and much more. The ultimate guide for every Champagne lover!

Anytime. Anywhere

Learn at your own pace, on your own terms through your mobile, desktop, or AirPlay to your Apple TV.

Tasting Sheet

Add a some fun & structure to your wine tasting experience by enjoying the wines ’blind.’ The best way to taste Champagnes!

Champagne Dictionary

A complete glossary of wine terminology with hundreds of easy to understand definitions, ensuring you’ll soon master the language of Champagne.

The Top 100

After having tasted champagnes from the 1800s until today, Richard began to feel quite sure of which ones are actually the very best. These are his top-hundred rankings.

Some voices about the master class

‘Interesting, educational, exciting, knowledgeable… Amazingly educational and fun to watch. The knowledge that Richard has is unique, and he presents champagne and the knowledge of Champagne in such a good way in these videos that would make anybody run directly to the store to buy a bottle of champagne. Cheers! Keep it coming Richard!’


‘Richard Juhlin is a legend in the industry so it is great to be able to see him imparting some of his knowledge and experience on the subject of Champagne. The 300+ page of notes are excellent, and the notes and videos give me plenty of ideas of what to try in my on-going endeavour with Champagne-tasting.’


‘I loved this online course with Richard Juhlin! A lot of focus on the different types of Champagne, process, and tasting. I’ll recommend this to anyone, great for beginners as for pros.’


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