Newsletter | nov’21 | Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

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In the eleventh hour of this year we would like to inform You about what’s in pipe-line from Champagne Club.

THE APP – Champagne Club & Champagne Hiking

Welcome to the champagne world’s instagram!

As a member in Champagne Club You can access the app with the same log-in. [read more about the app]

Now we ask You to be an ambassador of the app & to fill the app with all Your fantastic Champagne Hiking photos & experiences [both old & new photos can be used.]

The new concept is as simple as it is wonderful for the champagne lover;

You post your own champagne experiences in different places. Find a great spot, take a picture of an open bottle and glass when you drink champagne. Post it in the app. Share it in the app & social media, build your own champagne community. Post Your tasting note & score & compare with Richard Juhlins tasting note & score. 

Have fun with Champagne Hiking! 

IN THE NEW APP You will find; more than 13,200+ unique tasting notes & scores by Richard Juhlin [you can put in your own tasting notes], You can enjoy ’Champagne Hikings’ [post your own hikings, build champagne clubs with friends, follow leaderboards, read the book Champagne hiking, listen to all the chapters in the book, post them on social media etc]

THE CONCEPT ‘Champagne Hiking’ is available in both as a book & a new app[both for iOS & Android]

Champagne is the language of luxury.

This is your dictionary.

So what have Richard been up to lately ? Quiet a lot actually !

Except working on the new app & the digital plattform. Some other exciting projects in the pipe-line;

NEW BOOK Richard has been working on the manuscript for his new epic book ‘THE JUHLIN CHAMPAGNE MAGNUM OPUS’. The Swedish version will be published in late November’21 -The international version of the book will be published later in 2022. [READ MORE

Th Swedish version of the book can be purchased here;

Champagnen.se [beställ här] 

Bokus.com [beställ här] 

Akademibokhandeln [beställ här] 

BOOK FAIR IN PARIS 29th of November & 1st of December RJ & Björnstierne will go to Paris Gourmand Awards – World Cuisines Week.

TV APPERENCE In Scandinavia the largest talk show is ‘Skavlan’ on SVT & NRK. Richard appeared on the 29th of October. 41:26 in to the show You can watch Richard Juhlin [in Swedish]

CHAMPAGNE DINNER [swe] The Sthlm Champagne Magnum Opus Dinner will take place in Stockholm on the 10th of December. Set-up; 1 champagne dinner – 18 champagne lovers – 10 magnums of unique selected champagnes from Richards private cellar. Each seat is pimped with a Limited Edition of the new book [value 20,000sek]  [READ MORE]

NEW GLASS PROJECT more info later in December.



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