Magnum, oh my wonderful magnum!

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

The above introduction is not a tribute to the mega-success of recent years in the freezer boxes. No, now we’ll talk about packaging. Michael Broadbent, the legendary leader of Sotheby’s Wine Auction, is said to have said the following about the bottle format magnum: ‘a magnum is perfect for two… when one of you drinks’. I myself go so far as to call the 75cl bottle half-magnum…

As you know, the magnum bottle corresponds to two regular bottles. It is widely considered to be the ideal bottle format for storing fine wines as it is large enough to make the wine’s development slower but not too large to be difficult to handle or unmanageably expensive, as a larger bottle format.

Concluding remarks from an unknown lover of large bottles;

”The French have a saying: There are only three things to talk about in France — wine, food and sex. But not necessarily in that order.”

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