Identita Golose; Richard Juhlin and his new book Champagne Magnum Opus, the real Champagne Bible

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Richard Juhlin

In the Italian magazine Identita Golose You can read an article about Richard Juhlin and the latest bookChampagne Magnum Opus.

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350 pages of research, tastings and descriptions from one of the top experts in the Champagne world… so much so he can recognise over 13’000 bottles in a blind tasting.

Previous spread: In the beginning I collected the empty bottles of all the champagnes I had drunk. I gave this up when I passed 2,000! ©Pål Allan

Swedish Richard Juhlin is one of the greatest experts in the world of wine and especially of Champagne. A talent he discovered at eight:

« I was with my parents in Germany – Juhlin says during our interview – visiting some friends of my parents on holiday. I was young but the testimony of my family was marked in my memory. Almost as a joke, they made me taste a few drops of four Riesling wines and, as if by magic, for me almost a game, I tried to describe the wines with characteristics that perfectly fit.  I was truly charmed by wine ».

Richard Juhlin

Today with Champagne Magnum Opus, published in English by RIZZOLI International, he’s presenting his tenth book, the result of three years of research, tastings, and meetings in Champagne where people regard him as one of the top experts on the planet.

An unprecedented, illustrated volume with 350 pages with detailed explanations of vineyards, wineries and bottles, guides the reader on a historical journey across the most famous Maisons of Champagne.

There are photographs from Pål Allan and brand-new recipes from Swedish chef Tommy Myllymäki, perfect to pair with a glass of Champagne. The book is completed by a more scientific section with statistics on Champagne, telephone numbers, websites and the addresses of thousands of producers as well as a glossary. 

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