Friday Champagne 50.0 – 2008 Taittinger ’Comtes de Champagne’ on a beach in the Bahamas [BAH]

Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

Every Friday The no1 Champagne expert in the world will taste new & old Champagne s to give You a tip or two for the weekend. This week Richard Juhlin went to the Bahamas for a winter weeks rest. He brought a bottle of ’Comtes de Champagne’ of teh epic vintage 2008.

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The legend

The ’must-read’ legend of the ‘Comtes de Champagne’ (Counts of Champagne) from the 16th century is a marvellous narrative of an assumed reality, combined with the storyteller’s imagination and poetry. Its relevance today is not so much down to its historical accuracy; it is more an emotional tale, with new adaptations which continue to flourish to this day. The flamboyant legend of Thibaud IV le Chansonnier is very much connected to the unique Comtes de Champagne blend by Taittinger.

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