Filming for the new digital plattform & app [launch Q3]

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Richard Juhlin

Welcome to our new Champagne Club !

Thanks to all my fans. Thank you for waiting so patiently for the Champagne Club to finally become the world-leading independent platform for champagne knowledge and champagne enjoyment that we have been hoping for for over 20 years. We have finally got it together at the level we have always strived for. The gods should know that I often tore my long-non-existent hair when technology and economics played us erratic pranks. Today we have a Dream team with world-class players in every position who with your help are ready to both offer ‘the champagne world’s instagram’ in the form of our app, as well as to provide you with all the updated information about the drink of life you can ever ask for.

My database with over 12,000 unique tasting notes and scores will be the hub that everything revolves around, but the most important cogs in the wheel are all of you who, by sharing your own champagne experiences around the world, will enrich and steer the champagne world in the right direction towards even higher quality and even more joy and exuberant champagne enjoyment.

We in our team are extremely happy with and proud of how we have now designed Champagne Club, but we do not intend to settle down. Please give us your feedback so that we can shape the Champagne Club according to your wishes, as we strive for the same perfection that characterizes the best champagne producers. It is precisely together with the champagne producers and you champagne lovers that we create the world-leading platform. Let’s create magic together!

Richard Juhlin

August 2020

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