Experience the Wall of 400 Wines @ Krug

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

The House of Krug partnered with the IRCAM – French Institute for Acoustic and Musical Research – to create an immersive auditory experience, illustrating the concept of individuality in music. Over the course of a year, Former Krug Cellar Master and Deputy Director of the House, Éric Lebel, IRCAM researchers and Composer Roque Rivas created 10 soundscapes to encapsulate the most striking individual characteristics of wines hosted by the Winemaking team and used in Krug Champagne creations.

Working like a Music conductor before directing an orchestral performance, every year Julie Cavil auditions 400 musicians. She is not after the best, most talented or loudest but is rather getting to know the voice of each, all crucial to the creation of the final Music piece.

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