BWW 2024 – Who is the Best Wine Critic of the World?

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Richard Juhlin

Wine Professionals and wine lovers from all around the world choose, who is most reliable and influential wine critic in the world? Richard Juhlin won the category ‘Best Champagne Critic’ in 2020 & 2022 & was no12 over-all. With Your help – can he win in 2024?

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Surprise leader after 210 000 votes

Wine Professionals and wine lovers from all around the world choose, who is the most reliable and influential wine critic in the world.

During the first voting month, the wine critic contest received more than 210,000 votes, of which more than 80% came from wine professionals. The votes are fairly evenly distributed, especially among the top five. Somewhat surprisingly, Markus del Monego MW has received the most votes, Jancis Robinson MW is second and third, also perhaps surprisingly, is Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW. Other surprise names in the TOP 20 are Luca Gardini(5), Andrew Caillard MW(11), Erin Larkin(14) and Natalie McLean(19)

The Best Wine Critic of the World – competition is part of the The BWW – Best Wine of the World Competition, which is also held in the world’s largest wine information service – tastingbook.com

The world’s best wine critic was chosen for the first time in 2017 when James Suckling was voted as the winner. At that time, in the finals tastingbook users and pros voted in large numbers, and the competition received a staggering 680,000 votes.

This time, 38 critics made it to the final. Tastingbook’s professionals – winemakers, sommeliers and wine shops owners voted from a shortlist of 115 wine critics. To qualify for the final, a critic had to receive at least 200 votes. Getting to the final is already a significant achievement and recognition from other wine industry professionals.

During the competition, tastingbook presents the finalists’ work samples, tasting notes and articles on its front page. All finalists also have their own presentation page. The voting period ends on January 31, 2024.

Richard Juhlin is one of the top Champagne experts in the world. At the annual Spectacle du Monde tasting in 2003, the Sweden-born Juhlin successfully identified 43 out of 50 Champagnes that were tasted blind. He is the author of several books, including “A Scent of Champagne” released this year, which provides descriptions and ratings of 8000 Champagnes. In addition to television and writing, Juhlin is often involved in consulting work with Champagne houses, as well as speaking at major events around the world.

source tastingbook.com

Here is the current TOP 20 list – remember to vote!

  1. Markus Del Monego MW / BWW2024 Finalist Votes: 9213 
  2. Jancis Robinson MW / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  9061 
  3. Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  8577 
  4. Luca Gardini / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  8440 
  5. Jeannie Cho Lee MW/ BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  8432 
  6. Jeb Dunnuck/BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  8299 
  7. Michel Bettane/BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  7714 
  8. Neal Martin / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  7205 
  9. James Suckling / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6819 
  10. Antonio Galloni/BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6771 
  11. Andrew Caillard MW / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6753 
  12. Richard Juhlin/ BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6741 
  13. Axel Probst/BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6630 
  14. Erin Larkin / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6598 
  15. Jeff Leve / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6515 
  16. Allen Meadows/BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6499 
  17. Tim Atkin MW / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  6362 
  18. Peter Moser / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  5897 
  19. Natalie MacLean / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  5773 
  20. Ian D’ Agata / BWW2024 Finalist Votes:  5719

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