An absolutely wonderful Wednesday…

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

One of my colleagues in the Champagne Club has been a member of an advanced Bordeaux society for many years and he thought it was time to let his friends discover the depths of the world of champagne accompanied by me at Magnusson Fine Wine. When he picked out an exceptionally beautiful mature bunch of bottles from the 1998 ‘Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill’ to 1934 Moët & Chandon, no one was left untouched.

Personally, I appreciate this type of group extra much. A group with enormous experience of wine with great curiosity and impressive analytical ability, but who at the same time wander into a whole new foreign space when it comes to associations. The associations went to unexpected phenomenon such as gin, Vin Santo, cyclamen, cheese edges, etc. which enriched my own view of what to find in these magnificent champagnes.

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