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Björnstierne Antonsson

Every Saturday TheChampagneSommelier will ask 5 questions about 5 coeur de bouteilles to friends and Champagne lovers from near and far. This week we took a bubbly chat with Swedish Champagne lover Camilla Lundberg. Merci Camilla !

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Camilla Lundberg

My name is Camilla Lundberg and you will find me in the northern part of Sweden. Sipping champagne and other sparkling wines, preferably out in our beautiful nature.

My love for champagne began when I took my first sip of Bollinger ‘La Grande Année’ about 8 years ago. I have a long past in the restaurant business and I am so grateful for everything I have learned and experienced during these years.

The restaurant years are over but my love for food, wine and champagne remains. Today I have a great passion for champagne and it contributes to so many highligts in my life. There is so much to discover and each bottle shares an amazing story. Experiencing these wonderful champagnes together with friends and family is the best.

My sparkling moments is shared on my instagram account @ettglasbubbeltack
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Which Champagne would You treat your parents or in-laws?

‘My dear mother appreciates all the good things in life. She would enjoy every champagne I treat her with. My father is a bit more difficult to flirt with and is actually not that fond of champagne. But a low dosage could probably persuade ”Mr. Super dry wine” to drink a glass or two. So a dry, fancy and seductive champagne like a 2002 Ayala ‘Perle d’Ayala Nature’ would charm them both. I think even my dad would be pleased.’

Which Champagne would You treat your lover?

‘My boyfriend had the most intense champagne experience drinking Krug Grande Cuveé. So that’s something I’d like to experience with him again. Preferably a Krug ‘Millésime’. Maybe an 82? The same great year my man was born. That would be epic. For him and for his lady to.’

Which Champagne would You treat your boss?

‘My boss is more of a beer guy and he probably hasn’t popped that many champagne bottles in his life. But since I am completely convinced that most people can start to appreciate bubbles, I would probably offer him Bergeronneau-Marion ‘Cuvée Saint Lié Premier Cru’. I really like Bergeronneau-Marion and I am so impressed by smaller growers who can deliver great wines at affordable prices. Cuvée Saint Lié has always been a big favorite at my tastings. Both with experienced champagne drinkers and those who usually don´t pick sparkling wine as there first choice. But if he really doesn´t like it, that´s not a problem. I can take the rest!’

Which Champagne would You treat yourself?

‘This one was not easy! There are so many bottles just waiting to blow my mind.’

Camilla Lundberg

‘But now that I have the opportunity to choose exactly what I want, I intend to choose something from a truly outstanding vintage. So I would treat myself with the 1976 Taittinger Champagne ‘Comtes de Champagne Blancde Blancs’. I am a BIG bdb enthusiast and Comtes de Champagne is in the top five of my favorite champagnes.

This special bottle with reviews like “Touches the very depths of the soul and leaves its mark on a person”, “A champion in its class” and “Devastatingly gorgeous” make you understand the greatness of this legendary wine! Wow! That’s all I can say.’

Which Champagne would You treat a dream guest, and why?

‘We have to go back in time to meet my dream guest. My dream guest is a woman with an incredible story. A strong, admirable and inspiring woman who was the boss of my absolute favorite house Bollinger. Off course I´m talking about Lily Bollinger. After a short bike ride we sit down and share a bottle.’


A unique and historic wine that lets us take part in the origins of champagne. The wine is Bollinger Vieilles Vignes Françaises so I guess Lily is treating me with wine? (but I`ll fix dinner). The year will probably be from my year 1980 and to the tunes of Etta James, Lily tells me about her life in Aÿ, how she conquered America and some secrets that hide behind Bollinger’s beautiful gates.’

[ what piece of music would you listen to drinking wine with Your dream guest ?]

‘As I wrote in question 5, Etta James would be my obvious choice. Coziest background music ever.

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