What you should find in a great combination of truffles and champagne?

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Hard to express, but I’ll make an attempt; elegant and refined dishes with fine-tuned and delicate flavors. But these can be tasty and intense and need to be highlighted but not dominated by the champagne. The truffle must be accompanied by a champagne that supports its personality and exceeds it without over-powwering it.

Truffle is a raw material of passion, but above all it is so aromatic that it floods its preparation with its aromas, which flood the whole dish and mark its noble structure. The champagne is therefore the only partner for this ubiquitous truffle. To establish a contact between truffles and champagne, a dialogue of motives and emotion, a dialogue of knowledge, a modern sense of humor or a strong love relationship is needed. This is so that the sommelier can choose a combination that is permeated by kinship or contrast. The truffle loves to flirt with the champagne, but each preparation in the kitchen will correspond to the expressions of different vineyards in a wonderful way.

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