What Is The Optimal Serving Temperature?

Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Are you fully aware of the correct temperature for serving different champagnes? Or do you pay enough attention to the taste of the wine, depending on the right temperature?

Make sure the bottle is at the correct temperature (8 to 9°C) because colder champagne is almost tasteless, and a warmer one loses its freshness and sparkle faster, although the aromas become larger and richer.

Personally, I think champagne tastes best at 9 to 11°C, but you should be aware that it rapidly warms up to room temperature. Therefore, it is much better to serve the wine too cold than too warm, so that the guests themselves can wait out the optimum drinking temperature and gently familiarize themselves with the at-first knotted wine. If you do not empty the glass at rocket speed, it should continuously be refilled with some splashes of the well-chilled champagne. Refreshing an already developed soft, flavorful champagne with a bit of lively and spirited sparkles provides the best taste experience.

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