VIP-trip’20 – de Venoge

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Day 2 – Tuesday 28th of September

46, avenue de Champagne – Epernay

Day 2 of the VIP trip … 8 degrees and slight touch of humidity in our faces but sunshine in our hearts. It’s no surprise for You all that the COVID-19 situation has affected the people & business of Champagne severely.

After our sensual music and taste experience at Krug, we steered our way towards De Venoge in Epernay. The historic house has long been run by Richard’s good friend Gilles de la Bassetière. The two have, among other things, camped together on a champagne tour in the USA, so it was a matter of course that he would receive in his own high person when Richard’s Champagne Club came to visit.

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