VIP-trip’20 – Bollinger

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Day 3 – Wednesday 29th of September

16 rue Jules Lobet – Aÿ

After the visit at Deutz we took a stroll on the north side of the village overlooking the vineyards towards another of the Champagne Legends – Bollinger. One of the very few 5 star producers.


Aÿ was the big name in the area long before wines became sparkling, and many were the kings and popes who counted Vin d’Aÿ as their favourite wine. Today the town, population around 4,000, hosts 19 more or less famous champagne houses and around fifty grower/producers. 

The vineyards slope down steeply to the village by the Marne river, and the best locations are just over the town, sheltered from the wind and with maximum exposure to the sun. Several of these locations provide the base ingredient for Bollinger, Krug, Fliniaux and Laurain champagnes. The Chardonnay master Anselme Selosse has bought the lot next to Bollingers Côte aux Enfants, from where he creates an oak barrel-fermented blanc de noirs. Pinot Noir from Aÿ has an unbeatable combination of purity of aromas, richness of flavours and a silk-smooth structure.

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