Trading Cristal 2015?

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

According to Liv-ex, Cristal 2015 would be the most traded French wine in value in 2023. [read the full champagne story] 

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In the realm of wine commerce, the year 2023 witnessed a multitude of transactions. Liv Ex conducted an analysis utilizing the fine wine price database, providing real-time insights into the commercial endeavors of over 620 member wine merchants globally.

Within the array of vintages, the Cristal 2015 vintage stood out as the unequivocal leader in terms of value. Buyers, with a notable presence in the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, and Hong Kong, have propelled Cristal 2015 to the pinnacle of French wines, making it the most financially traded wine in 2023 thus far.

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