This weeks combo – cod from Lofoten

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

I just love to cook cod loin. Especially of the cod comes from Lofoten in north-western Norway. A delicate yet complex Champagne would be the perfect partner.

Check out the Champagne Hikings from Lofoten below.

Crucial to the good champagne and food experience is the champagnes’s taste to the combination of produce, cooking methods and garnishes. Fish dishes are often light and elegant, so white wine or champagne is a safe bet. Oily fish is rich in umami that does not match the roughness of red wine.

One tip is to take support in the structure (consistency) and intensity of the food. Garnishes & side orders: such as greens, fresh herbs, spring vegetables such as asparagus and nettles that match acidic wines, dry, without any barrel notes.

Baked cod loin with lobster, zucchini and fennel in crown dill butter sauce by Mattias Larsson

photo by Charlie Drevstam

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