The Sthlm Tasting – Charles Heidsieck’15

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Got an invitation to taste some champagnes with the Swedish Champagne Club Gomseglet Connoisseurs from Charles Heidsieck & the Swedish importer Provinum @ the winecellar Grappe in Stockholm.


Charles Heidsieck ‘Rosé Réserve’

TASTING NOTE ‘(2010 base). 7-8 years on its lees, 20 Vin de Réserve. Grapes sources from Ambonnay, Bouzy, Aÿ, Verzenay, Les Ricey. A bandwagon that I can understand people in Champagne jumping on to is the pro-duction of vast quantities of non-vintage rosé since the demand is so great. Purely from the viewpoint of the connoisseur, there is good reason for feeling despondent. Vintage rosé is clearly so much more fun! Bollinger, Deutz, Henriot, Clicquot, Moët, in fact almost all the great houses have started making a champagne in this category. RJ personally would not buy a single one of them since there are always other champagnes available to be preferred. The question is however whether Charles Heidsieck has nevertheless not had the best success, at least with consideration to pure enjoyment without any extra storing. They have, it is true, lost their lovely coffee-roasted style since the fruitiness has been packed with so much oily blood orange and strawberry sponge cake. Yummy, smooth and eminently, charmingly roséish.’ 85(90)p

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